Features to Look for in a Good PHP Outsource


Now a days building a website has become the necessity of a business rather than an option. Every business would want to have their online presence to ensure they reach out to the clients effectively. A website acts as a face of the business and every business owner would want it to be the best.

This reality has created a good demand for web developing companies. But there are much more than just the website development included in it. So many large organizations outsource a part of their work. The main task that is outsourced is the development of the site.

The main essence of developing a website is in the choice of the programming language used in it. Hypertext Processor (PHP) is one such server side mark-up and scripting language that is used for building dynamic web pages. There are many software or programming languages available in the market to develop a website among which PHP has been the most sought for. The main reasons are:

  • It can be easily embedded into HTML
  • It is an open source

PHP developing companies are expected to have some qualities so that the company which outsources the work relies on them. Here are some of those requirements that can make you a potential PHP developing outsource.

The PHP developing company should comply with the development standards and learn to live up to client expectations. The clients would have some other target customer who should be satisfied ultimately. A consulting model would be the best way to handle the outsourced projects. The PHP developers should be able to deliver the requirements accurately to their clients.

The PHP developing company should possess technically sound developers who can build professional and top notch websites. They should be able to gauge the actual needs of the clients and should be dedicated to deliver good results.

The PHP Company should be experienced so that you can expect consolidated and consistent solutions. The website should have compatibility with smart phones or tablets in addition to the desktops. The developing company should be able to analyze such intrinsic requirements and help you provide quality website to the customer.

The PHP developing company should be equipped with sufficient infrastructure to support the development activities. Apart from expert technical team and dedicated professionals, physical infrastructure also plays an important role in doing PHP development.

Understanding the requirements in theory is quite different from producing a result that abides by them. A good rapport with the client would be one of the most important requirements for a PHP developing company. This would be essential to give that final outcome that satisfies the client.

Pricing is also another important factor that pitches in when a company has to outsource the work to a PHP developing company. The company would consider outsourcing the PHP development only when you offer an affordable rate to them.

A PHP development company can emerge successful when it can provide the clients with notably efficient work to their clients at the promised rate and timeline. The clients should be able to leverage the PHP expertise with their customers and only then you would remain their choice.

The author of the article is a php freelance developer, working in the field with several years. He has handled big php application projects when he was working with a php outsourcing company.



How Good or Bad is it to be a Freelance Web Designer?

Working as a freelance web designer anywhere across the globe would have some benefits and deficits. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of Freelance Web Designer

You have a choice

You would get to choose the kind of work you want to do. You can also choose a convenient time of the day to work. Although you will have to stick to a deadline, it is again in your hands to set that timeline. You can work out a feasible plan with your client that best suits you. This helps you give more time for your family or maybe your own self.

You get all the profit

Being a freelancer, you are free to bid an amount that you feel is worth with your clients. If you have good marketing skills you can gain good deals. You may impress the client with your work which could make him more than what you expected and this profit is all yours. There are no middlemen or co-workers with whom you share.

You can showcase your creativity

The only person you need to impress with your design is your client. You would not be under a lead or a manager who will have to approve your work. So, there is no fear about someone trying to pull you down because of personal grudges.


You need to advertise hard

Web designing is a competitive world. There are many large firms providing this service. To survive in this competition and convince a client that you would do a great job, you need to really work hard. Not all clients would agree to employ freelancers because they are always scared of the uncertainty that the freelancers are not bound by any contracts and can leave the project undone anytime.

You are not just be a web designer

When you freelance you would actually wear the hats of various roles such as business analyst, marketing expert, finance manager and many more. You will have to look after all the technical work and the business-related issues. You need to manage time, accounts, relationship with the clients, infrastructure, and many more responsibilities.

You do not get instant help

One of the cons of working alone is that you are not surrounded by experts or co-workers to help you when you get stuck in your work. Be it technical snags or any other business decision, you will have to deal with it all alone.

You need to find work

Web designing projects cannot be expected to last for too long because once you hand over the design; you really don’t have much to do.You will not have work regularly if you do not plan to start a new project as you are on the verge of finishing the old one. You may as well choose to work on many projects in parallel but again you need to make sure you don’t burden yourselves.

It is always up to a freelance web designer to alleviate the cons and take advantage of the pros.

The writer of the article is a freelance web designer Kerala, working in the filed with last 10+ years. He also specializing with WordPress web design and graphic design etc..

The Need for PSD to WordPress Conversion Services


In today’s competitive world, online presence is supposedly the most effective way of marketing a business. An interactive website is a powerful tool to attract customers. And that is the main reason why PSD to WordPress conversion service providers is getting more popular. When a Photoshop Document (PSD) is converted into a WordPress page it creates a semantic coding and hence retains the credibility.

The other important feature of WordPress cms is that the users can change themes which are not possible with a PSD file. Customizations have been the need for today’s world. A perfection conversion from PSD to WordPress would allow the users to change themes according to their needs. Some of the other advantages of converting PSD to WordPress are stated below.

Cost effective

WordPress is free software to create websites. Especially for small and medium scale businesses where budget is a major constraint, WordPress has been the best choice to reach out to the potential clients. Instead of spending on expensive options of building websites, psd to wordpress tutorial would be a favorable option for to create a website yourself.

Ease of use

The user-friendly navigation that WordPress provides is unmatched. It is a robust tool that features many options such as social media compatibility with Facebook, Google+, Youtube and others, extensions such as newsletter subscriptions, online payments, review and feedback systems, customizable themes and many more. Even for non-business requirements such as celebrity promotion, WordPress is considered one of the most efficient ways of building a website. All these easy ways of feature enhancement options look more lucrative for building websites and that is also one of the reasons to make PSD to WordPress conversions more dependable.


To make the web presence more effective, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered as one of the best ways. WordPress developers often follow SEO techniques and semantic coding practices. WordPress allows the developers to use appropriate keywords and tags such that the website appears on top of the list during a web search in many search engines. The websites built using WordPress are more structured and well-organized which again increases the possibilities of the website getting noticed by the clients. PSD to WordPress conversion services would become necessary to increase the visibility of the website in the current web world.

Browsing experience

There are several browsers that are used and the website should be compatible with most of them in order to increase the user base. The main aim of building a website is to attract customers and then convert them into potential clients. More the web pages viewed, more is the possibility of increased conversion rates. WordPress is W3C compliant and this speaks volumes about the standards of the websites built using WordPress content management system. Users get a good browsing experience when the website is well-structured. Many web development companies rely on PSD to WordPress cms conversion so that the users get a good browsing experience.

Convert psd to wordpress theme can help in creating a quality website and such websites are always in demand for business or other personal needs. With many amazing features, WordPress is ruling the web development market these days and it has all reasons to do so.